This coffee is brewed without heat — Just cold water and 20 hours of patience, giving you a super smooth, rich flavor. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
our signature iced coffee blend is slightly sweetened and handcrafted to pair perfectly with your happy place. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
The beautiful swirl created by pouring milk into iced coffee is mostly commonly referred to as “a tiny galaxy in a cup”. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
A cousin of iced coffee, iced americanos are made with espresso, water, and ice. (And love a good splash of milk.) NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Espresso, milk, and ice. Everyone knows they love each other. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Layers of milk, espresso, vanilla, and caramel sauce—if rainbows were made of coffee, they would look like this. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Floral hibiscus, sweet apple, and lemongrass do a little dance together with each ice-cold shake. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
We took Passion TangoTM Tea and punched it up with some lemonade. Then shook it up with some ice. Then we decided that was enough. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
We start with a blend of three premium black teas. Then add summer, a cool breeze, and lots of ice. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
When opposites attract, summer wins. Smooth black tea and tangy lemonade—like sunshine in a cup. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Our premium black tea is sweetened with real cane sugar, shaken with real hands, and presented with real pizzazz. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Sweetened black tea shaken with tangy lemonade. Grab your hat—the big one. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Black tea, mango, and a hint of passion fruit —when these three get together, picnics happen. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Sweet mango and black tea shaken with ice and a splash of lemonade. Summer gets jealous of how summery this drink is. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
This delicate, minty green tea is brewed fresh, lightly sweetened, then shaken vigorously. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Minty green tea with flavors of lemon verbena and lemongrass. Naturally, a perfect candidate for a splash of lemonade. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Sweet peach, spicy ginger, and refreshing iced green tea. Summery and cool like a sun wearing sunglasses. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Meet the PGTL team: Green tea (the pretty one), sweet peach (the nice one), ginger (the fun one), and lemonade (the funny one). NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Tangy blackberry and hints of hibiscus shaken with whole blackberries and lots of gusto. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Flavors of passion fruit and acai hand shaken with real strawberries—afternoons love it. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>
Notes of citrus, mint, and cucumber—lightly caffeinated and shaken with lime slices. It feels like summer just talking about it. NUTRITIONAL INFO>>